Management Team


Kai S. Chang, Chairman and Co-founder


Mr. Chang is the Founder and President of CHANSE Petroleum Corporation, which was established in 1974, to engage in the business of   exploration, drilling, production, acquisition, pipeline and marketing of oil and gas in the continental United States and Internationally. Mr. Chang received his B.S. and M.S. degrees both from M.I.T. and has spent his entire working career in the oil Industry.


Emmanuel A. Duro, Vice Chairman and Co-founder


Mr. Duro has  over 30 years of education and professional experience in the oil and gas industry,as Field Engineer with Schlumberger well services in the Gulf of Mexico -Louisiana, Texas onshore and offshore and reservoir group with Long Beach oil Properties, Wilmington Field, California. Mr. Duro's   role within the corporation would be in engineering,logistics and management. Mr. Duro has a B.S. in Petroleum Engineering from  West Virginia University, Morgantown, W.Va and J.D. Law, from Northrop University School of Law, Los Angeles, California. 


Americo Rosa, President


Mr. Rosa  joined STAPET since inception in 2003. Mr. Rosa's role within the corporation is as President and front-end liaison with the STP government and also in the geological/geophysical planning. Mr. Rosa before joining STAPET, resided and worked in  Mejovka-Siberia-Russia, Gabon and currently in the USA. Mr. Rosa was former Manager of the Department of Geology and Mines of Sao Tome and Assistant Researcher at University of Miami. Mr. Rosa graduated as a Mining Engineer, Master’s degree in Geology from Moscow Institute of Geological Prospection, a Master’s degree in Marine Geology and Geophysics from University of Miami as well as a Master of Information Technology.


Donald E. Burns, CFO


Mr. Burns joined STAPET in 2004. Mr. Burn's main role would be responsible for finances and accounting.  Mr. Burn's prior experience includes seven years as CFO of P&O Falco, a crude oil trading and transportation company with revenues in excess of two billion dollars, and eleven years as CFO of Tidelands Oil Production Company, and a contract crude oil drilling and production company.  Mr. Burns was also an owner of a crude oil trading company.  Mr. Burn's  is a C.P.A. and a graduate of Louisiana Tech University with a B.S. in accounting.


Weldon G. Frost, BoardMember


Mr. Frost  joined STAPET in 2006. Mr. Frost main role within the corporation would be in geological/geophysical planning. Before joining STAPET, Mr. Frost was employed by Mobil for  37 years , having been posted to Texas, Venezuela, Turkey, French west Africa (Niger), New York, Paris, Libya, Indonesia, New Orleans, and London.  In the last four affiliates Mr. Frost was Vice President and Exploration Manager, with an enviable record of finding oil and gas.  Since retiring from Mobil Mr. Frost  obtained and farmed out a PSC in Equatorial Guinea, performed consulting work in Turkey, Sakahlin Island, Romania, and the U.S. Gulf Coast. In addition, Mr. Frost  formed a small exploration/production company having had production in Wyoming, Colorado, North Texas, East Texas, and Pennsylvania.