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Is a U.S registered Corporation founded in 2003 and based in Shreveport, Louisiana.




The country – STP, a former Portuguese colony with a population of  about 180, 000 people, is situated in a prolific oil producing region in the Gulf of Guinea.


The prospect country is now been touted as the next commercial oil and gas producer of West Africa given the magnitude of major field discoveries in the surrounding countries like Nigeria and the Equatorial Guinea ranging in billions of barrels.

STAPET’s involvement in the onshore area propels it as a beneficiary in this prolific region where these recently huge discoveries were made, and are still ongoing.




STAPET intends to:


  • Explore for oil and gas in the onshore and coastal/shore line areas  of Sao Tome and Principe, Gulf of Guinea, West Africa.      

  • Develop it’s concession in the onshore and coastal/shore line areas of Sao Tome & Principe calculated to be about (+/-300,000) three hundred thousand  of exploration acreage.

  • Establish and position its assets to participate in the EEZ offshore Sao Tome & Principe.


   Sao Tome America Petroleum Corporation

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